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What We Believe

Networx subscribes to the 5 Principles of Supported Living


A Home of One’s Own

All people have the right to live in a home of their own reflecting personal lifestyle, comfort and control. Individuals choose where they live, who they live with, and control what happens in his or her home.

Choice and Self-Directed

It is our responsibility to listen deeply and to take direction from the people receiving our services. People are supported to make everyday and life decisions through both traditional and non-traditional modes of communication.
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Everyone benefits from connections with others and through mutually supportive relationships. Paid support providers can never take the place of natural relationships developed through mutual interest, support and understanding.

Community Membership

Through inclusion, and by valuing the uniqueness of every individual, we create a richer, stronger, more diverse community. People are supported to participate in and to contribute to their chosen community.
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Flexible, Tailored Supports and Services

Services are individually designed to build confidence, competence, and quality of life. Supports are built to meet the unique needs of the person receiving services and change as the needs and wants of the person change. A person centered planning process is utilized to realize the ideal support system for each individual.


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